Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Expanding Horizons--to a point

Let it be known that, much to the shock of my mother, I have in the course of the last year or so, begun to willingly eat, voluntarily cook with, and even (gasp!) enjoy, peppers (the kind pictured, not the super-hot kind). I actually ate a whole one when Catherine cooked stuffed peppers. It makes me wonder what other previously shunned things I could actually take a liking to within my lifetime. Scary!
However, one does need to be discriminating. How boring it would be if we liked everything. (Plus if we don't like everything it's easier to share).
That's right, I think I' sharing and let Nate have all the hut-sput (not sure how to spell that, and it is nasty-smelling cabbage-containing stew for all of you who have never had it).


n[ate]vw said...

My actual secret plan is to make you feel *so* guilty about not eating my stew, that you'll join me for Oriental food sometime again.

Hannah said...

That might work.

Anonymous said...

maybe if nathan makes hutsput with peppers you would eat it!

Unknown said...

peppers bakky.
commons food bakky.
Lucky Charms--food of the century.