Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Sprout Snap Diaper Cover Tutorial

Although there are plenty of diapers around our house now to last from one wash until the next, I've been sewing a few new covers and donating or selling the old ones that didn't fit as well or were becoming a bit worn. It's kind of satisfying to accomplish something concrete, and besides the snap pliers is a lot of fun! Tobias picked out the monster fabric for this particular one.

I like diaper covers with flaps on the top and bottom to hold the absorbent insert in place. Helps a little when trying to dress a wiggler.

I found this tutorial that is very similar to what I did, but my snap placement and leg binding was different, so I thought I would post a mini-tutorial explaining how I sewed them.

  • I printed the Sprout Snap pattern and marked where I wanted the inner flaps to come down to (see the little notches outside the thick black line?).
  • I cut out the pattern from the monster PUL fabric, and the inner flaps from plain white PUL (it's cheaper). In between the marked notches, I added about 1/3 inch beyond the seam allowance; the extra fabric is to fold over and create the casing for the leg elastic.
  • Right sides together, I sewed the white flaps to the top and bottom of the main monster piece.
  • Put in back elastic and casing.
  • Applied snaps to wings and front (there is a reinforcing layer of scrap PUL so that each snap is placed through 2 layers of fabric).
  • Tacked in leg elastic, then folded over the "extra" allowance and sewed it into a casing. The elastic must be stretched quite tightly or the legs will gap open.
  • Finished off by topstitching around the front and back. 


Andrea said...

Oh my goodness, I have been looking for a tutorial like this for MONTHS. The link you posted was the original tutorial I found, but the site stopped working an I didn't get to save the info.

I am using the Sprout pattern also, but it has no instructions at all on it. Can you tell me how much fabric I should buy for a diaper?? Thank you so much for posting this!!! =))

Hannah said...

You can buy "diaper cut" size PUL at Joann Fabrics (the Babyville Brand). It comes in packages of 3 I think.

Or if you measure the widest part of your pattern (from wing to wing, not the rise) and then buy that many inches from the bolt, that usually gives you enough fabric to make 2 or 3 diaper covers.

Hannah said...

^ And that would be just for the patterned outside. I bought 5 or 6 inches (I think) of the white, to make the flaps out of.

ash said...

Hi Hannah,

This looks great! I have been trying to access the Sprout Snap pattern that I am reading about everyone, but the link isn't working... Any chance you might be able to send me the PDF?


Hannah said...

The Sprout Snap pattern is no longer available online but if you ask me I can e-mail you the pdf of it!

Tasha said...

Hi, I just came across your blog and would like to make the Sprout Snap Diaper Cover. Will you email me the pdf of the entire pattern? I'd really appreciate it. My email address is,


Jill Chiles said...

The pattern is now available free on Craftsy. Thank you for the tutorial!