Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Little Turkey!

Happy Birthday to our upwardly mobile (that means "climbs on the table"), goofy, curly-haired determined little helper. We are all thankful to God for Malachi's first year!
  • Plays the kazoo happily, or unhappily: it's kind of funny to hear him cry into a kazoo. Sometimes accompanies himself with a rattle.
  • Loves guacamole, pickles, peas, squash, popcorn. Whatever everyone else is eating. 
  • Says Ma (mom) Da (Dad),  dih (this, or what's this), dat (that, or what's that) and num-num-num.
  • Enjoys animals, both real and in books.
  • 7 teeth in front and 1 molar trying to come through, ouch!
  • In his spare time he cooks imaginary soups, plays the foot pedals on the organ (or the keyboards if he gets a chance), and researches topics such as "Sheep in a Jeep" in his personal library.


Heather said...

happy birthday :)
I am behind on my sheep in a jeep research!!

Holly said...

little turkey. i like it.