Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Pretzel Rods

There is nothing new under the sun, or on Pinterest: others have already done a good job of listing and photographing all the picturesque and tasty things one can do with pretzel rods. My 3 tips to emphasize are:
  1. Make sure you don't have too much chocolate on the pretzel or the toppings will drip off.
  2. It helps to work as a team: one person rotates the pretzel over a dish while the other sprinkles.
  3. For the white drizzled over chocolate (or vice versa) it was easiest to spoon up some melted chocolate, and pour it out in the thin stream from the spoon while passing the pretzel underneath. Move the pretzel, not the spoon.
We used toffee bits, crushed peppermints, various sprinkles, coconut flakes, and the ones with a lumpy "spiral" around them have a stretched-out caramel (think play-dough snake) wrapped around them before dipping. The styrofoam tray was our cooling rack. We barely snooped at all, so I'm going to have to make a few for myself at home with the leftover ingredients.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pretzels! They look very festive, and delicious. Are they going somewhere? Your comment about 'making some for us' made me think they were. Was T your helper w/ the sprinkles? Looks like you had fun!
-Mom Hooyer

Hannah said...

Oops, I think I accidentally edited out the part where I said our Bible Study group made these to give to a fundraiser for the local pregnancy center.
Tobias helped unwrap caramels and peppermints but other (older) kids helped sprinkle.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! How many sticks did the group make?

Heather said...

these look delicious!! I want to do Christmas plates this year, but I only have Jon as a helper and no Holly ...

Holly said...

I TOLD you to come to sioux falls on your way home and we can make plates!! and these look delicious hannah! I was hoping they would make an appearance at christmas...yumm