Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Cement Snowsuit

After a tumble off a swing, Toby ended up with a broken femur. He spent two nights in the hospital where he was put under to have a spica cast put on (it goes from his armpits down to his toes on the broken leg, and to his calf on the other leg). It took awhile to get home because we needed to visit with the doctor again, have more x-rays taken, get his cast edges padded and taped up, meet with a carseat technician, etc. Tobias was amazingly patient and brave, although a few times he just "needed to cry about the legs" and asked why his uninjured leg had to be in the cast. That part made me want to cry!
There are a lot of things we are thankful for. Things that "could be worse". We're glad he didn't need surgery to put in pins or plates. We're thankful that at this age he probably won't need any special therapy afterwards to get back to normal. We're glad he's potty trained. We are appreciative of friends and family who are supporting us in prayer and practical help. I'm thankful that I was already on my way home when it happened instead of still in rural Wyoming with no cell reception. He will have full mobility again. We know that whether it's a little hard or a lot hard, God is good. He is providing and will continue to provide!

We're already learning a lot and finding creative ways to keep busy and keep comfortable.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

M: 8 months

  • owns cute hats but won't wear them
  • loves sampling yummy fruit
  • loves baths and swimming
  • 3 teeth: one top one just popped through a few days ago
  • has about an inch of hair, but it's so thin and light people still say he's bald
  • uses the potty when he gets up in the morning
  • claps hands and does "give me five"
  • forgives brother over and over again, but also loves to pull his hair and giggle
  • enjoyed first tent camping trip, especially swimming in the lake and eating dirt
  • keeps his mom so busy she's barely written anything down on his baby calendar

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Red, White, and Blueberry

Red cherries, white sugary donuts, and blue berries...maybe going to Bill's Berry Farm for the 4th of July will become a tradition!

Toby discussed literature with a 6 year old girl from Seattle over the row of blueberry bushes. They both own the book "Blueberries for Sal", but our plastic buckets don't say kerplunk, was the part I overheard.

Despite being tied firmly on my back, Malachi "Reach" managed to sample both the fruit and the foliage of the cherries and berries, plus some bark chips from the landscaping for good measure. But the freshly made donuts were all for Toby and me.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

A Few Memories

First food, 6th anniversary, 3rd birthday, first time in the swimming pool, the last mile of an 18-hour-drive road is filled with milestones and accomplishments. Sometimes they fly by at an alarming rate, but they're great opportunities to celebrate and remember. Remember how Tobias didn't want to blow out his 2nd candle last year but this year he knew just what to do? Remember two hundred people singing "praise Him above you heavenly hosts" at our wedding reception? 

I wonder if Tobias will remember our recent trip. Will he remember riding in the "granola" (gondola) and looking at the mountains? Making nutella and marshmallow animals? Throwing rocks in the lake with Uncle Jon? I hope he'll at least have fun looking at the pictures and hearing stories as he gets older! Maybe Malachi won't remember anything specific, but he knows that his Grandpas and Grandmas and Aunts and Uncles love him a lot!