Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Cement Snowsuit

After a tumble off a swing, Toby ended up with a broken femur. He spent two nights in the hospital where he was put under to have a spica cast put on (it goes from his armpits down to his toes on the broken leg, and to his calf on the other leg). It took awhile to get home because we needed to visit with the doctor again, have more x-rays taken, get his cast edges padded and taped up, meet with a carseat technician, etc. Tobias was amazingly patient and brave, although a few times he just "needed to cry about the legs" and asked why his uninjured leg had to be in the cast. That part made me want to cry!
There are a lot of things we are thankful for. Things that "could be worse". We're glad he didn't need surgery to put in pins or plates. We're thankful that at this age he probably won't need any special therapy afterwards to get back to normal. We're glad he's potty trained. We are appreciative of friends and family who are supporting us in prayer and practical help. I'm thankful that I was already on my way home when it happened instead of still in rural Wyoming with no cell reception. He will have full mobility again. We know that whether it's a little hard or a lot hard, God is good. He is providing and will continue to provide!

We're already learning a lot and finding creative ways to keep busy and keep comfortable.


g'mavw said...

Thanks so much for posting, Hannah!

Angela said...

I wish poor you all good luck with this. When my son was in the spica cast he was most comfortable laying flat so we'd play a stack of movies on a portable DVD player. (This was before I had laptops and Netflix)

With my son we found the distraction of movies reduced his need for pain medication (he was on some very heavy medication that we were not comfortable with).