Thursday, October 05, 2006


I'm at the CSI teachers' convention in Lynden, Washington. Actually I'm done with it for today, and now I'm sitting in the living room with Grandma VW and Alivia.
Today was fun- I got to see Rachel E., Mel W., as well as some other people!
The sessions/speakers I went to were mostly good. I sang in a choir for one session, and heard a guy with an Australian accent talk about creation, and the new creation. He talked about some characteristics of Egyptian culture and religion, and how God's way of rescuing his people from them showed his power was greater than the Egyptian gods. He also talked about the world as God's temple or palace, and our place as image-bearers in it (like the pagan idols were "images", representing the characteristics of the gods they stood for). Many other topics were tied in, as my frantic notes give evidence of, and he was good at showing the beautiful tied-togetherness of God's story, how the language talking about the new creation echoes God's work in the Old Testament.
Nathan and Tom are flying in an airplane right now! I will encourage Nate to post pictures of that.

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