Wednesday, September 27, 2006

a dream, a song

Last night I had an unusual dream.
I dreamed that I was in church (it didn't look like any particular church in real life, just a church), and at the end of the service we sang a song. The song was the most amazing thing I had ever heard, it was so beautiful. I could hear it in detail in my dream, but now I can't remember at all what it sounded like (although I remember what it looked like to see people sing it, so I know it was a 2 or 3 part acapella round). I wish that I could hear it again! Everyone in the church was so glad and moved to be praising God with this beautiful song that people were crying.
The beauty of this song apparently didn't sit well with one lady in the church: she stood up and said loudly something about she had "forgotten to put the fire in the fireplace out in her summer home" and stood up and left (I think a couple other people left with her). This made as little sense to everyone in the church as it sounds to me now- it was winter in the dream, so why would the woman have forgotten this fire for so long? It was a frustrating interruption to this song, and almost made us stop singing, but we kept going.
That's all. I've dreamed with music before, but nothing like this where I woke up wracking my brain to try to remember the music because I wanted to hear it again so much!
Anyway, I don't know if a blog is the best way to share a dream. It looks weird written down.
I hope you all have encountered something breathtakingly drop-your-jaw beautiful today, in a "dream" or "real life".

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Anonymous said...

hannah! I wish I shared your dream. pretty sure that the last dream I was really confused and mom kept calling me fat. aaaand there was not singing involved. it was pretty bizarre. Anyway, I have to go write some psychopathology stuff... talk to you later :):):)