Saturday, September 16, 2006

New Arrival!

Announcing.....(drum roll please- I learned how to replace a snare drum head this week, by the way) my new website!
I created it for fun and to have a central place to link to pictures, this blog, and the Tabblos I've been making.
For now, I'll keep posting news here, but pictures might end up more on a Tabblo or on, unless of course they directly relate to the post.


n[ate]vw said...

I'm proud of you! And will be even more so when you update it w/out my help ;-)

HeatherJoy said...

your website is so cute!!!
Except you never post anymore!
do something.

how are the students? this one is particularly frazzled. and i forgot to take my vitamin today. but I ate 3 green apples! so yeah. miss you!! love