Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Hey everybody! Sunnyside Christian High School is having a spiritual emphasis/renewal week this week; the theme is unity. So if you could say a prayer (or many) for students, parents, teachers, and our speaker, Dawn Geschiere from Youth Unlimited, that would be great! Pray that people's hearts would be open to hearing God's message about unity, and that the things people may learn this week would change them and stick with them.
I haven't actually been able to attend any of the chapels (they are during the morning, when I'm at the elementary school)...
While you're at it, pray for Dennis, our P.E. teacher, who broke his leg badly.

Did any of you have a spiritual emphasis or renewal week at your high school? Do remember anything about it? I can't say I remember much from any of my 4, except one teacher's session about the Holy Spirit.

The school picture takers were at school today, they commented to me as they were packing up from my room that wearing collars sticking up seems to be coming in again, as are the '80s in general. I think it looks kind of silly.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah! We had that lady for a speaker at unity one year. she was pretty good. Anyway, I'm getting really distracted from my homework... and at 8 I'm supposed to go to Kirbee's apartment and practice 30's hair for the pops concert. It's been raining all day. I gave blood and am SO tired! Holly's face is kinda puffy. I guess they had to cut through her jaw to get her top teeth?

Alissa said...

we had that lady too! at denver special needs serve, she was good.The collar popping trend is very prevelent at my school since polo's are worn by almost everyone almost everyday thanks to the lovely uniforms, you get used to it and I've heard say it's very comfortable.