Saturday, October 07, 2006

Beautiful British Columbia

Today we (me, Nathan, Tom, Karlene, Alivia, Gpa and Gma VW) crossed the border and spent the day in Vancouver, BC. We saw the views of Vancouver from Stanley Park (made me think of you, Lynola and family!), and also went to the aquarium there. There were such interesting creatures! We saw tiny cute seahorses and blubbery beluga whales and everything in between!
The signs by the sharks had high praise for the excellent design that sharks have for survival (apparently they have seven senses, cool!), but blindly concluded that "nature" designed nature. So close, but so far.
Many pictures were taken, few will be posted.


Anonymous said...

aaaah! I'm going to vancouver for spring break!! maybe I'll end up at your house too :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh - sounds so nice! Wish I could've seen you there. Sounds like you're having fun. That dream from your previous post sounds amazing -how neat! I dreamed I was dead...except alive - it was weird not nearly as cool as yours. Ok whatever, Hi HaRae! It's snowing here. Back 2 work now.
Enjoy teaching - I'm sure you're doing splendidly!