Friday, August 11, 2006

Wedding Picture Tabblo

Some of our beautiful wedding pictures have been posted.


Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures, Nathan & Hannah. You had a beautiful wedding!
Love, G'VW

HeatherJoy said...


I couldn't figure out how to comment on the tabblo, but I really like them! And mom still shows the dvd to everyone who comes over :) but that's okay, because we all still like to watch it.

And guess what!!! I chopped off all my hair!!!! For real-- it is about 4 inches long :) You have to see it to believe it-haha . I'll try to send you a picture sometime

Rachel:) said...

those look great! You look beautiful!

Rachel:) said...

rHannah, i will have to check your distance from the canadian border, i want to stop in and see you, i may have to make a weekend trip!