Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Darkness is as light

In addition to our wedding, my parents' 25th anniversary, my mom's birthday, a trip to Illinois (during which I learned you can make quesadillas with an old iron), moving to Washington, and Nate and I starting our jobs, July also brought a request for prayer, as my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I've been trying to keep people updated by e-mail, but I also wanted to post that here. Heather has been better at posting updates with good news and pictures, so to avoid being too redundant, I'll just say that her surgery went well, and she came home Sunday.
Nate and I are far away from my mom geographically, but I'm thankful that we're still able to keep updated, and that many other people can visit in person. Thank you to all who are praying and encouraging!

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Van Grantham said...

Hi! Congrats on your marriage. May it be long and surprising.

Thanks for praying. Prayer is always good. So awesome you're in WA. They have great blueberries.