Monday, August 28, 2006

Goodbye Summer

I was inspired by Heather's post to mourn the end of summer. Actually I am flat-out copying her, and actually I am excited for school to start.

But that does mean the end of...

  • taking as long as I want to grocery shop.
  • weekly organizing fests (truly moving in takes a while).
  • Cooking. Actually I may take it up again in a week or so but for now I plan to subsist on meals I froze in early August, sandwiches, Nate's cooking, and last but not least, Corn Dogs.
  • getting the mail ASAIGH (as soon as it gets here)
I will post about the beginning of school soon!

(I am posting this picture as I sit on the edge of my "garden" as a test. My garden has trouble growing beans but the wireless internet works just fine.)


g'vw said...

I am looking forward to reading of your school experiences! g'vw

Rebecca said...

yum. corndogs.

bittersweet leaves said...

Heather said you started today! I was excited and nervous for you. Hope it went well!

HeatherJoy said...

hANNAH!!! Your face!!! I miss you! How was school? I should take a picture of our cool room and send it too you. It's better than last year :)

uuuuuuuh I have to do homework tomorrow.

Hannah said...

first day of school went fine.
I have a whole day is only 9:14 p.m. and I feel mostly ready for it.