Friday, August 18, 2006

Everything that has breath!

I started decorating my office today.
I felt that my friends who majored in elementary education would be proud of me.
And I used the border that Catherine's mom gave me for graduation!


alissa said...

ooh, it looks nice and spacey! good good! very lovely! when does school start???

Rachel:) said...

YAY! I am vey proud of you! Looks great!

bittersweet leaves said...

That's your office?? It's ginormous (which falls between giant and enormous)!

HeatherJoy said...

wow~~ even MY elementary ed friends would be proud of you :)

Holly's in school... it's my day off. So I worked this morning. And we have violin this afternoon. slash, all night. :(

Hannah said...

Today I filled the middle orange space with stuff. And learned about reporting child abuse, and recieved tons of schedules for everything from recess duty to devotions to meetings etc.

Anonymous said...

So cute! I'm very impressed Hannah. When do you start teaching? Are you crazy busy? I'm at the Dordt library right now and watching all the freshmen come in. Quite fun. Have fun with your class - I miss you!