Saturday, April 14, 2012

Physical Education: Wrestling Class

In a scene reminiscent of the classic "Tobias introduces his brother" (except now Malachi can laugh and even fight back), Tobias scoops Malachi into his lap and chats with him.

In case some of the audio is unclear, here's a partial transcript:

H: Hey, gentle.
T: He is not saying stop, and he has one tooth, and he's a baby!
I'm gonna hold him for awhile
Hey, say hi to him! Hiiii! Hiiii! He likes me!
N: He sure does.
T: Yeah, do you like me?
N: I think he likes to pull your hair too.
T: Do you like that baby Malachi? Do you like that baby Malachi? Do you?
This is my friend baby Malachi!
N: It's your brother, Tobes.
T: Yeah, it is my brother...tickle him!


Alissa said...

I think Malachi just might win the most easy-going baby award! Great to see that they like each other :)

Anonymous said...

Family Fun = 2 brothers learning to enjoy each other's companionship.
Thanks for sharing this.
Mom & Dad Hooyer
PS - I'll have to admit I said a couple "Oh no"-s when I watched it the first time. And we agree w/ Alissa on the baby award.