Monday, April 30, 2012

M: 5 months

  • army crawls
  • gets up on all 4s and rocks around
  • stands by furniture
  • drools, spits and babbles
  • thinks it's funny when Tobias drools or spits (stop encouraging him, Malachi!)
  • can sit by himself for awhile
  • is very hard to hold onto during church while we sing
  • has a brand new cousin born 5 months and 5 days after he was
  • falls asleep easily in the car but wakes up as soon as we arrive anywhere
  • still has 1 tooth, but that 2nd one seems like it could come through anytime
  • just as sweet as ever


g'mavw said...

Little cutie, he is just like his brother. Always on the go!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture and your sense of humor with your list of things. Thanks for posting. Mom & Dad Hooyer