Wednesday, October 15, 2014

K: 7 weeks in

We're partway through our 7th week of official Kindergarten for Tobias.
Currently we're singing "Let All Things Now Living" and Rico's Pizza Restaurant, as well as old favorites.

Last Easter we started reading to Tobias out of the Vos Story Bible near the suffering, death, and resurrection of Christ. We continued through the stories that came after that, and recently finished the book with stories of Paul's missionary journeys and John's visions in the book of Revelation. I have to say, Paul's visits to cities, stints in jail, and trials may have been a bit on the harder to understand side for Tobias. I did my best to explain the differences between governors and emperors, what it meant to be a Roman citizen, and more. He enjoyed looking at maps of Paul's trips and that he went to Rome (somewhere we have been).

After some waffling and testing various free things and samples, I "splurged" to purchase handwriting materials from Simply Charlotte Mason. For $9 and the cost of printing I now don't have to think about what comes next for handwriting, which is worth it. I never really liked those extra curves on the D'Nealian handwriting as a kid, so I went for the "plain" letters (how's that for a mature way to make a decision).

Malachi participates in singing, demands his own "maff sheet", and usually wanders away to the Duplos while we read.

We've also completed two weeks of ECHO, our homeschool co-op, which all the kids have enjoyed. 

I feel like we have a good routine going, although I have small moments of "I'm doing this wrong" panic, usually during moments such as kids crumpling up papers in frustration, or parked in front of YouTube "educational" shows in excess of what I usually allow.

Next I'm contemplating if and how to add other subjects; perhaps some more formal piano lessons and practice or Spanish.


Lynola said...

Sounds fun! You know, if you have K questions, I could offer an opinion since I have spent a few years playing in Kindergarten :D What classes do your kiddos attend at the homeschool co-op? And if you want more youtube video clips, check out Harry Kindergarten or "Dance Like You've Got Ants in Your Pants" - just for fun. And for the record, I am a big fan of Zaner Bloser handwriting style (as opposed to D'Nealian) because then their reading and writing is more similar since most books for young children or written in a font more similar to Zaner Bloser (ball and stick, plain, whatever you want to call it).

Now that you are 7 weeks in, are you writing report cards, conferencing with parents, and having Fall Break? :P

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post. If you don't want to conference with the parents, you have permission to conference w/ the grandparents. -Mom H