Tuesday, October 16, 2012

M: 10.75 months

He's not quite 11 months yet; 11 months sounds so old. I'm going to post while he's still 10 months old...I'm trying to enjoy what little baby-ness is left in him.
  • 7 teeth, loves popcorn and peas
  • Doesn't use his arms to balance anymore when walking around. Rarely crawls.
  • Climbed up a chair and onto the kitchen table for the first time this morning
  • Picks up on a lot: Last night he was in the ring sling and watching me form bread into rolls. Right before I started to slap the first one into shape he excitedly started slapping my arm. First I thought he was imitating me, until I realized I hadn't started slapping yet.
  • Missed Dad while he was in Portland on a trip: was excited to see him on video chat but then progressively got more upset that he wasn't "real".
  • Occasionally signs more, food, water, please. Gets his messages across pretty well.
  • Sad to leave mom during ECHO or lessons at home


g'mavw said...

Cute picture!!! It would make a great ad picture for .....anything:) Adorable!

Heather said...

I'm so excited for him to start talking!