Friday, May 18, 2012

Dry Erase Activity Book

I made an activity book for our upcoming road trip out of things I had around the house. It is a small photo book that I inserted pieces of paper into. The pages can be written on with dry-erase marker and then re-used. Here I am showing you the nice pages. Towards the end I got lazy...I think one of the pages has a Quizno's sub sandwich coupon with the word YUM written by it.

I also plan to start hoarding, making and gathering other fun things soon like happy meal toys, packaged snacks, velcro sticks, and books. I also looking for a clipboard for coloring pages. The iPod tends to make him carsick so that's not on the list!

What car activities have kept your family sane and civil during long trips?


Lynola said...

I have a few clipboards in my classroom... I'd give you one if you lived closer :)

Ruth said...

We liked radio/CD stories - Adventures in Odyssey, etc. And the alphabet game but Toby might not quite be ready for that yet.

Holly said...

uh. have we ever had a civil and sane car trip??