Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can I "Kish" Them?

He wanted to help squish the diapers so I generously let him help. So far we have done 2 small loads of diaper laundry with our make-shift setup. It works. Not fun but not disgusting or impossible either.

For the record, the supplies I'm using this week (I already had all this on hand) are:
  • Covers (the waterproof part): Thirsties, Flip, and homemade
  • Flat diapers (the absorbent part): ~12 Gerber birdseye flats, 4 flannel receiving blankets
  • cloth wipes ($ store washcloths)
  • Target trashcan and waterproof liner bag to store wet diapers, small waterproof bag to keep in the diaper bag
  • bucket and plunger
  • Country Save powdered laundry detergent
  • clothesline, indoor drying rack
I estimate that to purchase all these supplies new would cost around $150. A lot of things people already have, could make or find, or could do without. For example, my nice retractible clothes line was about $17 but isn't strictly necessary.

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