Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Strolling Musician

OK, so he's not quite a strolling musician yet, but he's improving on both fronts! I did include some video of him trying to play the wrong end of the recorder, and falling over, just so you all know that he's only a little bit of a genius baby. He's 9 months old in a few days!


Holly said...

OH MY! WHAT A STUD ! that baby has way to much brain! so adorable! can't wait to see him in may

Anonymous said...

So adorable! Thanks again for posting!!!!! Just love to see him grow and change.


Tom and Karlene VanderWilt said...

Such a cute video! He's a tough little guy, who handled the face plant very well!

Lynn Wielenga said...

Hi Hannah & Nate,
Your budding musician is a comic and gymnast too! He's changed a lot since we saw him as a newborn :)
Your mom mentioned these video clips of Tobias so I just had to check put your blog. Fun viewing!