Monday, March 22, 2010

8 months

Tobias changes so much each week that it seems these video clips are out of date by the time I post them! He's getting to be much more of a talker- imitating sounds and babbling. He also loves to make fishy faces and/or kissy sounds (maybe Holly can post her video of that). His other new tricks are "give me five", turning book pages, and turning off light switches (although he needs some help to reach them, of course). He is getting to be a speedy crawler and has mostly left the army crawl behind. We all had a lot of fun on Holly's spring break visit enjoying the spring weather, good food, and just hanging out!


Lynola said...

Love the video clips. Thanks for posting them! I hope I can come visit this summer sometime :)

juliehof said...

Oh, so cute!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Tom and Karlene VanderWilt said...

Love your video. Thanks for sharing!