Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Direction: West

Do these pictures look like the (yet unplanted...as far as I know) cornfields of IA?

No? That is because they are not!

The one on the bottom is cherry trees blossoming. The bottom white stuff reflects light and heat and the netting protects them from wind and birds. (Thanks for the info, Dana!)

The one on the top is...pink trees. I don't know what they are.

The location of these mysterious and unusual (to an Iowa girl) crops is....near Sunnyside, WA, where I am excited to have accepted a teaching position! In keeping with tradition, my room celebrated with fresh pineapple. It is fortunate for the sake of the pineapple that I accepted, because my roommate had actually bought it (without my knowledge) before I was even back.


n[ate]vw said...

: - )

Anonymous said...

Yay Hannah! May you love and adore Sunnyside!
Looking forward to seeing you after graduation :) only a few exams away!

HeatherJoy said...

did you know that the stuff in fresh pineapple denatures the protiens in your skin and will eat off your fingerprints if you have prolonged exposure? Just a thought. Maybe you and your roomies should take it easy on the pineapples.