Monday, April 10, 2006

...and soon things will be flowering!

I hope you enjoy these beautiful flowers. I am enjoying spring weather through photography, walking outside, and Christmas tree burning/ bonfires, even while being busy with student teaching, job search, and wedding planning. Not to mention my attempts at cooking for my roommates (thank you for the lasagna, LVW). I plan to fly to Sunnyside this week to see the school. I am excited for this and hope that this or my other current possibility works out and is a good fit for me.


Lynola said...

flowers are so beautiful to me...
can't you see?
Actually, i assume you CAN see, otherwise it would have been hard to take such an astounding picture. Okay, enough procrastination for now.

HeatherJoy said...

awwww pretty!!! It was worth you laying in the dirt to take a picture!