Monday, February 20, 2006

President's Day Marathon

Happy President's Day! I am celebrating with a day off from school, filled with (so far) a long stint of filling out job applications. The challenge is not to become chiche or extremely summarized when answering very similar questions, such as "What is your philosophy of Christian education?", and "What skills and interests would you bring to this position?". Sometimes when the questions are almost identical, I confess to cutting, pasting, and then editing to fit the particular school. However, it has been somewhat helpful to think about these things as preparation for interviewing and a good review in what I think.
President's day has followed closely on the heels of "Christmas", celebrated with the Feenstras on Saturday. That's what the pictures are from. Posted by Picasa


n[ate]vw said...

Woohoo! Three pictures at a time....a nice way to begin the end of a rather unelegant day.

>The challenge is not to become chiche...

I think that what you meant to say was challenging about job applications is not to overwhelm them with your chic, lest they think you're not crazy enough.

HeatherJoy said...

yeah at first I thought you meant you were becomine quiche... I am like... eh? Hannah, all your self control must come from living with me and Holly! Look how much good we did you by loading the dishwasher together!!! Anyway, how come my picasa won't let me post pictures right to my blog? It's driving me crazy!!!