Tuesday, April 14, 2015

26 Weeks of Kindergarten

Tobias confused a neighbor lady the other day when she asked what grade he was in and he said "done with Kindergarten but not in first grade yet". Finally she asked "well, will you go to school tomorrow morning" (it was Sunday) and she figured out he is home schooled.

I've declared summer here and we've shifted into a less formal daily routine of "just" reading, chores, piano, outdoor play, and one special thing each day like baking on Mondays, teatime on Tuesdays, etc.

We were blessed to cover a lot of material in 26 weeks of Kindergarten that I will list below, but more importantly, I see a lot of things "clicking" for Tobias, academically and in maturity. He follows along when solving math problems with Nate such as "how many hours until tomorrow starts?", enjoys curating many musical playlists, and is getting to be a help with chores around the house.

In addition to the books and songs already listed in the first 18 weeks, we focused on these things this year:

All Creatures of our God and King
O Worship the King

Folk/Children's Songs:

Vos Story Bible:  Jacob buys the Birthright - Joseph's Dreams Come True
The Jesus Storybook Bible:
    The Singer - A dream of Heaven 
    (Sermon on the Mount through Revelation)

Counting by 2's, 5's and 10's up to 100 or more
Miquon Math continuing through E-12
Khan Academy: mastered 35% of the Early Math skills

Pioneering on the Plains (Edith McCall)

finished lowercase letters from Delightful Handwriting

Music Tree: through page 41

Daily reading (he made it to 100 books and we went out for ice cream!).

The Old Man and his Dog (W.G. van de Hulst)
The Lost Photograph (W.G. van de Hulst)
The Borrowers

Other highlights included a trip to the Planetarium, hike on Bateman Island, ECHO end of the year program, building electronics things, and many other projects.

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Lynola said...

I am going to read Roxaboxen to my class this month!