Saturday, January 31, 2015

18 weeks of Kindergarten

We've been chugging along with daily activities! I have weekly charts of what we do, but I wanted to see at a glance what things we have done so far so I compiled it as lists. Maybe more interesting to me than to blog readers…

Here's what has been explored in the last 18 weeks, some things more in-depth than others:

Children of the Heavenly Father
You are Worthy
Praise the Savior Now and Ever
Let All Things Now Living
Come, Ye Thankful People Come
For the Beauty of the Earth
Joy to the World
May the Mind of Christ My Savior

Folk/Children's Songs:
Roll On, Columbia Roll On

Vos Story Bible: 
  Paul's Conversion (Chapter 64) through the end
  The Beginning through finding a wife for Rebekah
Leading Little Ones to God: Chapters 1-23
Misc. other story Bibles and review of Sunday School material

Ellerby Math Games (with cards, dice, etc.) 1-18
Miquon Math: 1st third or so (pages are not numbered traditionally) of the Orange Book
lots of everyday math: doubling recipes, telling time, calendars

Christopher Columbus (Ann McGovern)
If You Sailed on the Mayflower (Ann McGovern)
If You Grew Up with George Washington (Ruth Belov Gross)
A Book about Benjamin Franklin (Ruth Belov Gross)
The Yakima (Edward Ricciutti)
If you Lived with the Sioux Indians (Ann McGovern)
Pioneering on the Plains (Edith McCall)

Delightful Handwriting capital letters and almost through the lower case

Music Tree: through page 32

Every day Toby chooses a book or chapter to read. Sometimes we forget to write down what they were. We have recorded 82 books though that he has read himself, and when he gets to 100 there is talk of ice cream. The most recent book he read was "The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs", and Malachi enjoyed listening to that after he convinced Toby to "read it LOUD" (out loud).

The Horse and his Boy (C.S. Lewis)
The Window in the Roof (W.G. Vandehulst)
The Magician's Nephew (C.S. Lewis)
The Last Battle (C.S. Lewis)

The best part is seeing Tobias (and also Malachi!) connections about things. After explaining the tax portion of a receipt for eating out, Tobias said "Oh! You mean like the tax collectors in the Bible who took everyone's money?" Kind of.

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