Saturday, September 07, 2013

Fall 2013 Rotating Meal Plan

Ta-da! Fall meal plan. I put jackets on the kids outside yesterday, so it is officially fall at our house.

I hope to have a good supply of kale and cabbage from the garden, and I can use fresh, frozen, or canned tomatoes from the garden or greenhouse in soup or pizza. Fresh basil tastes great on pizza, and gives us a break (a free and healthy one, too!) from other toppings like pepperoni and Canadian bacon.

It is not on the meal plan, but on Sunday night after church we usually have homemade chocolate pudding or chips and salsa. Friday nights is always pizza, and popcorn during our movie. Do you have any meals or snacks that are a weekly family tradition?

Week A
Chicken pesto pasta
Kale/Potatoes and sausage or other meat
Sourdough Pizza
Teriyaki Chicken

Week B
Soup and bread/biscuits
Egg casserole
Sourdough Pizza
Mac 'n cheese
Pork Chops

Click here for a downloadable pdf one-page version of this meal plan for your fridge.

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Ellie said...

This sounds so delicious and perfect for the weather, that just started to feel like fall here in GA.