Tuesday, August 27, 2013

M: 21 months

Buttered it myself.
 Mr. Malachi is 21 months old. His vocabulary is just exploding lately, and his favorite things include:

  • doing things himself: "No, Mom!"
  • talking about action: helping, jumping, smashing, raining
  • talking about insects and their demise: "fly? bee? swat?"
  • cooking, and talking about cooking: flip, stir, chop, slice, cut, egg, flour, hot, beeping, done
  • looking out for the interests of numero uno: me!, turn, too
  • singing along with 'Tradition' from Fiddler on the Roof: "Pa-paaaaa!!!!"
  • spending time with family: "Home! Daddy! Daddy home!!!"
He eschews the traditional "can you say _____?" and "what does the _____ say?" games, but echoes Toby's words (and attitudes...yikes!). 
Even men of action need cuddling and a book.

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Heather Vroom said...

too! too!
I miss his little voice in my kitchen!