Friday, June 14, 2013

Pinterest Bath Inadequacy

The phrase "Pinterest Inadequacy" has been thrown about to refer to the feeling people get when looking through the picture-perfect meals, activities, theme-coordinated kids' birthday parties (those got to me for awhile!), clothing, and projects.

Maybe I follow too many kid activity blogs, because for awhile it seemed like every other post on my Pinterest feed was how I could make my kids' bath a) holiday themed or b) teach them the alphabet. While I may feel occasional inadequate twinges about recipes I haven't gotten to and the not-quite-decorated state of my house, I indignantly rebel against the bath pins. I refuse to succumb. While we do an occasional drop of food coloring in the bath, the bath-as-edutainment movement seems artificial.

Today was Flag Day. Our bath wasn't red, white, and blue with floating glow-in-the-dark stars. The alphabet pieces were played with, but mostly as boats.

Do you want to know what I think bath time is good for teaching?
  1. The Laws of Physics: Baking soda boxes disintegrate when held under running water. Rocking your body back and forth creates waves. You can't fill a sieve. Drops of water initiate circular waves that spread outwards from the source. Once a container is full of water, it overflows: you can't squish more in. If you run on slippery floors, you'll fall on your bare bum. 
  2. The Laws of Human Interaction: Don't dump water on your brother. Or the floor. Share your toys. Ask respectfully if you need help with something instead of whining. Do. NOT. Squirt. Mom. Putting underwear on afterwards is a good habit.
Enjoy the special bath times (but a great piece of advice my Aunt Pam once gave me is "Aim Low": if you keep the expectations low they will continue to be enthralled by the drops of food coloring). 
But value the everyday baths too. Kids are going to do what God designed them to do (explore, learn, be creative), so with a little interaction from a parent and some empty yogurt cups, bath time needs no lesson plan.


Michelle Elenbaas said...

I miss you, Hannah! My kids had so much fun with baths at Grandma's where their toys were 4 yogurt type containers.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Dad & I literally LOL at your list of Physics and Personal Interaction lessons. And I'm sure Aunt Pam will appreciate the recognition you gave her. :) You are such a great mom, so don't let the world (or Pinterest) make you feel inadequate. Initially, the goals of a bath are to GET CLEAN and RELAX. Love (and miss) your sense of humor, but are glad you share it in your blog writings. -Mom

Rebecca said...

Amen to this whole post!