Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blast Off, Cast Off

The countdown chain was at zero, today was the day!

We got to the doctor's office and had a little panic as Tobias was not on their schedule. They promised to fit us in but said it might be a little wait. We were blessed that the 11:40 appointment (the time we were supposed to be) was a no-show so we got in without having to wait.

Toby was upset as they cut it off: "It's time to go home, I'm not healed, I need another cast, I don't want to take it off!" Change is scary. But he was actually happy to begin wiggling his legs around. Seeing the big blue cast legs poking upwards out of the trash can was a little shocking for me even though I knew that Tobias wasn't in it.

Afterwards we went for a picnic to Howard Amon park and took some pictures on the swing where he broke it, and Finnegan Frost for frozen yogurt.

At home, Toby enjoyed one of the best baths of his life (even without playing outside, he got pretty dirty in 8 weeks without a bath) and rolling and crawling around on the floor. It's nice to have a squeaky clean boy!

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones. -Proverbs 17:22
(a verse that Toby sings often)


g'mavw said...

Thanks Hannah for all the updates. It's hard to see Toby struggling to walk but I imagine he will strengthen up very quickly. Will keep you in our prayers and will also give thanks for the healing.

Holly said...

look at him go! he's not going to let malachi pass him up any time soon :) bet it felt good to snuggle with someone who wasn't covered in fiberglass plaster!

Janet said...

Watching him trying to walk made me tear up. Bless his heart, I was scared listening to the saw and I wasn't the one they were working on. Praise the Lord the cast is off and may he regain strength in his legs real soon. Again, kudos to you and Nate helping Toby through the long weeks in the cast, I can only imagine the struggles you had while he was in that HUGE cast.