Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Peanut Butter Heart Cookies

I saw some cute cookies on Pinterest, but I was either too cheap or didn't plan ahead enough to buy heart-shaped chocolates.

So I used Aunt Janet's peanut butter cookie recipe and added 3 chocolate chips to the top of each. After they baked, I used a toothpick to push the melted chocolate into a heart shape.

Lest you think it was a complete Martha Stewart experience, I did drop some.

I also let Tobias help. He wanted to make owl cookies (2 chocolate chips for eyes) instead of hearts. Then some of the owls ended up with more than 2 eyes, somehow. Then the eyes got poked with a toothpick. I am assuming they will all taste good though.


g'mavw said...

Who needs perfect store bought cookies when you can have these:) I'm sure Tobias had a lot more fun with these! They look yummy too.

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama said...

Mmmm - I didn't bake anything for V-day, so I might just have to make these today. So cute!!

Heather said...

haha I like the owls :) and the peanut butter underneath!