Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sandy Hollow: Better Options

Hello readers! I feel that perhaps my last few Sandy Hollow posts, by necessity, have been a little information heavy and negative. I do not know what the next steps will be in the process of trying to stop the gun range. Today I would like you to help me brainstorm some great ideas that could be done that would not be controversial, that would allow current attractions such as camping and fishing to continue undisturbed, that would not decrease the quality of life and property value for Sandy Hollow area residents, and that would not present a safety and health risk. Some ideas that have been proposed so far, plus a few of my own, are:

  • Three hole golf course. putting green, driving range and mini-golf. This level of golf activity would not compete with the Ridge and would likely foster more desire in people to actually golf at the Ridge, which would increase their business.
  • Facilities for sporting activities such roller hockey, volleyball, and disc golf could be made or upgraded
  • Ponds, beaches and shorelines could be improved. There are many people that enjoy fishing and swimming at Sandy Hollow, and these improvements would increase their numbers.
  • Improve the camping facilities and add camping spots. As other improvements are added more campers will come. They will spend money in Sioux Center also.
  • Improve and add shelter houses
  • Prairie, wetland, or nature areas with walking trails
  • Connect the bike trail to Orange city, which is connected to Alton
  • Archery range
  • Community gardens
  • Cabins that could be used for camping, family reunions, etc. I have enjoyed spending time with family at Inspiration Hills at their cabins, which are available year round, and I think something similar would be great at Sandy Hollow.
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Low ropes course for teamwork activities
  • Outdoor exercise and fitness equipment such as that available on the Orange City/Alton bike trail
What activities would you like to see at Sandy Hollow that would provide excellent recreation for residents and visitors?

More brainstorms that have come up (added August 2011):
  • Gazebos: good for relaxing, small group meeting place useful for day camps, retreats, reunions
  • Paddleboat rental
  • Paintball area

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Heather said...

I like the idea of using some of the space for community gardens. They did that in our old neighborhood in Omaha, and people really enjoyed it.