Thursday, March 03, 2011

Guest Post at

Recently I enjoyed getting to write a guest post for a favorite blog of mine, Happy Money Saver. It is a blog that helps people get good deals on groceries, online purchases, and fun freebies and samples. After seeing several posts with excellent tips on how to combine coupons/sales to get good deals on disposable diapers, I asked Karrie if I could write a post for her on saving money with cloth diapers. Some of the tips I learned from experience, and some I had heard from friends. I had a lot of fun writing it up and I hope it was helpful to lots of readers!


Ruth said...

Wow, Hannah, that's neat and well-written too!

Amy said...

Great job! I loved the post. I'm looking forward to more cloth diaper posts on your blog as well - I could use all the advice I can get!

Heather said...

cool hannah! I think you sold the couponers. and thanks for the free cereal! I hope it comes before our lease is up!