Monday, April 26, 2010

1st year by the numbers

To Tobias:

In the past year,

you have slept all the way through the night, bedtime until morning, 0 times
you have overrode 1 anniversary supper
you have gained 2 uncles
you have summited 2 mountains
I have spent $7 on disposable diapers and wipes
you have sprouted 8 teeth
you have stayed fairly calm through 9 airplane takeoffs
we have traveled to or through 10 states (IA, NE, SD, WA, WY, ID, MT, CO, OR, UT)
you have starred in 11 videos
you have charmed 65 ladies of varying ages (Ok, that one's an estimate)
You have caused 146 laundry loads worth of cloth diapers
I have spent $250 on cloth diapers
I have put 1296 miles on the car coming home on my lunch breaks to feed you

It would be difficult to measure or even estimate other things, such as the number of times you spit up, the number of Cheerios you've eaten, the number of times you've fallen down while learning to walk, the number of times we've said "No, Tobias", or the number of times I've thought "for not liking babies, Nate makes a pretty good dad". It has been a great year and we can't wait to see you grow and learn more in the coming years! Love you!

Happy Birthday-(coming)-(up)-(yet)-(this)-(Friday) Tobias!


g'mavw said...

Tobias is blessed with a great Daddy and a great Mommy!!

Lynola said...

Happy birthday and Happy Canada Day!

Anonymous said...

I thought of one more to add: It would be difficult to estimate . . . how many times you've prayed for him and thanked God for him. It is fun watching the 2 of you in your role as parents. Tobias is very blessed. Mom

Andrea said...

Great list! What a well-traveled little guy. Sorry about the 0 times sleeping-through-the-night thing. That's a little rough!