Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Most people know this, but there's someone new in our family. For being so small (almost 3 inches!) they sure are having a big effect already. He or she has made me feel a little strange (maybe Nate too!), made four people into happy grandparents, made us start searching for a new house, and mostly made us very excited.
Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment and Nate came along to hear the heartbeat (I had heard it at my last appointment). Everything looks good so far and we are looking forward to our baby being born somewhere in the vicinity of June 26. We hear that many, many changes are in store for us; that's a good thing, I think. Keep us in your prayers please!


Janet said...

Please say that "new house" is in Iowa!!! :) Congrats! Isn't it exciting? I loved listening to the heartbeat, makes me cry to think my baby will be 10 in Feb. Time goes so fast. I kept a journal (still do) an wrote down so many little details, I cherish that Journal. God bless you both. C U the 27th. Oh and for morning sickness, drink grape juice, it worked for me :) GREAT-Aunt Janet

g'mavw said...

....and has made us into very happy Great-Grandparents. We are anxious to see you this week:)Love,g'pa & g'ma vw

Lynola said...

Congratulations. And your expansion has made me into a happy "Aunt" and given me a destination for my summer vacation this upcoming year!!!! :-D

Anonymous said...

1. move back to your homeland
2. what about your happy SISTERS!