Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Almost Ready!

Here's the bulletin board Mrs. E and I made yesterday. We continued the decorating today using our fabulous stapling skills. I think I'm about ready for school to start (although I have enough details to take care of in the next week). Nate and I are having a busy but fun end of the summer: we enjoyed having a visit from G & G VW last week and from Matt and Laura yesterday. We tried to take the cheese tour at Darigold but it was closed due to flooding (water, not milk). Oh well, we had a good time visiting anyway.


Janet said...

I love doing bulletin boards. I do 4 boards at church. It's harder to come up with ideas then it is to put them up. Oh and by the way, why isn't my blog site www.motherof3jh.blogspot.com on your site??? Just kidding. I enjoy reading everybody's it helps me keep up with all of you. Have a great school year. Aunt Janet

Rachel:) said...

i'll be in portland in Oct, wanna visit?

Amanda Kimberly said...

I just saw on Andrea's blog that you are coming to the teacher's convention in Lynden - Yipee!

I'll know someone else there.

How was the first few days of school for you? (you should see my bulletin board - very snazzy.