Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Avalanche Ranch: A Wild Ride Through God's Word

At Lynola's prompting, I will give you an update about VBS! Nate and I have enjoyed two days on the "ranch" so far. Nate's job is taking pictures of the herd for Friday's slide show, and I get to lead and help the very energetic Purple "Ranch Crew". I found out this morning that my Grandma F. led the Purple Ranch Crew at her church's VBS. (I think this publisher must have a monopoly or something; did anyone else out there have Avalanche Ranch VBS?).
Pray that they can absorb the lessons from the stories...they can be overly talkative at the Bible Story Room. I think in a group of 15 or so kids of mixed ages (I don't have that many myself, we go together with another group), it would just be better not to ask those "interactive" questions to the whole group at once (what city are you from? Have you ever been to a river? etc.). It is just asking for chaos.
Anyway, the music and the kids are fun. And if the girls raise the most money to buy cows in Bangladesh, our pastor will wear a wig and sing Hannah Montana. The boys haven't decided their challenge yet.

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Alissa said...

Sweet! I love VBS, and yes it is sortof a monopoly; I did Avalanch Ranch VBS in Kentucky and I'm going to do it again in German Valley. It's fun though... I only had a group of 3-5 kids each day in KY for all the third and fourth graders, but all the jr. high/high schoolers made up for there not being TOO many younger ones