Monday, March 20, 2006

"Spring" "Break"

Here at Dordt, on the first official day of spring, a sparkly snow is coming down steadily. It is really quite nice-looking (from inside my apartment), but I'm praying that it doesn't make the roads too bad and that everyone makes it back safely. And I'm hoping (a little bit) for a late start tomorrow.
I did not have a long break; I started right in with student teaching. Today was my 6th day in LeMars in orchestra (4th grade-high school). We visit the four elementary schools on Monday-Thursday, and have one of the two middle school groups and the high school orchestra every day. I feel like I have started to get to know a lot of the kids, and other important things like where the offices, bathrooms, teachers rooms, and other important things are.

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L.VIS SR. said...

You got your wish (and I got mine) - Late start. Hip hip hooray!