Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Humble beginning, I hope

Hello. This is my first post. It is kind of experimental. Actually this whole blog is kind of experimental.


Lynola said...

I am the first one to comment! Welcome to the world of procrastination via blogging :)

n[ate]vw said...

I'm glad that I hadn't lost "Alfred's Pocket Dictionary of Music". Will I want to link to your....your.....B....L...O...G?


ps - Maybe you should try Flickr while you're at it ( is as far as I got).

HeatherJoy said...

What is this nonsense?? I was so confused, I am like who is this moltoscherzando person!! I have a stalker!!! AAAAH!!! Okay so it is you, I guess I can put up with this quite nicely. Watch out, blogging is addicting!! WEll, maybe not as bad as facebook... yet... anyway. Lynola, come look at my blog!!! Love you Hannah

HeatherJoy said...

Hi Hannah! I'm going to Minneaoplis this weekend, so I guess you can have all sorts of fun without me. I will miss practicing on the Stienway :( but you can have my hour if you want!! And actually there are like 2 open hours after me anyway... wow the possibilies. Guess what!! I am done with violin lessons for this semester!!!! Joyous! And Jamie might come to your recital -- but I guess Dad probably told you that already. Love you!