Friday, January 30, 2009

Ultrasound II

It takes a while to upload the videos, so that's why I didn't share them all right away. This is the same ultrasound, just didn't want to be adding to the same post days later. 

Below: little feet swimming around

As you can see, he or she is very active. Keep in mind that I could not feel movement during the ultrasound. Makes me wonder what we would see when I'm feeling kicking.


A.K. said...

S/he is so beautiful! Congrats Hannah! Waiting to see the baby!

Rachel:) said...

ooh! that is sooo exciting! I am extied for it to be born, he/she seems very active! I bet its a boy,and when it is born you will begin chasing it all over the house!:) Well, not right away of course...:) ANwyaz, i hope you have a great week! ps: i saw from the CSI website that you are not going back to Sunnyside... is that true?