Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Yesterday evening Nate and I arrived safely home from a week in Camas County, Idaho with my family. It was great to see them and catch up on talking, teasing, and traditions (like haircuts and Ice Age II).
To get to the cabin we drove about an hour through the mountains from the nearest town (Fairfield). The cabin was (way) off the grid and had propane-powered lights (with mantles like camping lanterns) and stove, and solar-power for other things.
We did a lot of hiking, and never saw any other humans while doing so. The best hike was to the Skillern Hot Springs, where we soaked in the hot water and then dipped in the freezing stream. There were a lot of pretty views on the way there, too.
After that day my feet and legs were very sore due to old junky shoes, but thankfully Dad rigged up some excellent emergency arch supports using duct tape, a sacrificed sock, and the Leatherman knife. I really need to get new shoes, though.
The worst hike...involved several miles of no trail through the steep and scratchy underbrush, not finding our destination, and mild dehydration, exhaustion, and frustration. Character and navigation skills were built...I hope.
The south fork of the Boise River ran behind the cabin. For a few days we were entertained by stirring sticks in the icy clear water, but eventually we (and by we, I mean Holly, Dad, and I) progressed to fording it barefoot. On the other side, we panned for "gold" with a Cool Whip bowl and sent things downstream.
We had an a cappella hymnsing by the river on Sunday night, with these lyrics standing out to me (genius point to whoever identifies the song first):
And everywhere that we can be, You God are present there.

Here is a link to pictures of our first snowy evening at the cabin and exploring the hills near the cabin.


Holly said...

We Sing the Mighty Power of God!

It's so good to be home :) especially after everyone we met at gas stations was telling us about iowa's flooding issues!! love you :) hol

Aunt Sarah said...

Your mom and dad stopped at Casey and Isaac's ball game tonight... they were out for a ride on their fancy new bikes that cost more than Heather's last month's pay ; )
I got to hear how they were asked by the crowd to sing the national anthem at ol'faithful... I laughed the whole way home : )
Glad you had a great time!! Cal (The head guy at inspiration hills asked how you guys were today, so I told them a little about your vacation)
Can't wait to see you again!

Artisman said...

I loved that hymn sing!

Janet said...

How come no one blogged about singing the national anthem at ol' faithful, must have been pretty funny if Sarah "laughed the whole way home"!!! Tell me more... Oh I see why Aunt Sarah is the favorite aunt she leaves comments...I'll have to work on that (does this count)? Having a busy summer Hannah? Will you be in Iowa this summer at all? Take care, Your favorite Kansas.

Heather said...

oooooh holly beat me! and I would just like to establish that I did not build any character or navigation skills on that hike.