Sunday, May 20, 2007


Our kitties arrived yesterday. They are cute and also very smart- they figured out how to get out of their box in the garage. They were scared of us at first but they are getting more playful. They look a lot alike, but one has a white spot on his/her back. They do not have names yet. Suggestions will be taken into consideration.


mom said...

Oh, they are sooo cute! Especially their noses. Have fun with them!

Lynola said...

Button and Pie (because they are cute...'cute as a button' and 'cutie pie')
Romeo and Juliet
Salt and Pepper
Hazzelelponi and Naaman

Sorry, I can't think of any really good names right now. Did you name the septuplets yet?

bittersweet leaves said...

Adam Bonnema, Mick Snieder, Jen Foreman, and Kelli De Groot (she had hers last fall already)...not to mention the people who have had kids for awhile, such as Lee Van Kley and others I cannot think of at this moment.

How about Henry and Eva?

Hannah said...

A clue to kitty-namers. They are both boys.

Lynola said...

Frog and Toad after the series by Arnold Lobel
Mish and Mash
Dominique (Dom) and Thomas (Tom)
Carson and Dawson
socks and shoes
Bartholomew and Hezekiah

Are my naming skills improving?

Doug said...

Too bad Pete & Repeat are already used up, although that was a different millenium. Yip and Yap were in a book that my grandma read to me, but they were puppies. How about Scratch & Sniff?

Heather said...

name them ming and zing.
or heather and holly, although I think the ing's would be better.

Rachel:) said...

you have got some great suggestions. My favs are:
ming and zing
socks and shoes
pete and repete
scrath and sniff
they are adorable! Let us know what you decide!:)

Hannah said...

Great suggestions everybody! (well, most of them were good).
In the end, we have decided to name them Jeeves and Wooster.

alissa said...

cute names! I like them, but so much for everybodies suggestions! those are really cute names for really cute kitties!