Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Heard and Written

Looking through my e-mail, desk, and recent memory, here's some things I've been hearing lately:
  • "You have too much self-control." (referring to my lack of yelling at the 6th grade band today)
  • "I am writing to encourage you to apply for the music teacher opening we have..."
  • "Standing in front of a group of students is not a natural feeling for you."
  • "You're not leaving the table until you finish your root beer."
  • "Got any invitations punched?"
So you can gather from these things that I've been keeping busy student teaching, joking around with my roommates, searching for good jobs to pursue, and wedding planning. All of these things seem to be a lot of work, but are also all fun at times. And I seem to be making progress in all of these projects (well, not my roommates...).

The exciting news in my room this week is that Jenn has been accepted into med school!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm Miss Hooyer

I have recently finished my second day of student teaching at West Lyon. So far it has not been too stressful. The 7 a.m. leave Dordt time has been a bit tiring but I think I"ll get used to it.
The teachers I am working with seem very helpful and the students aren't bad either. I have a lot of names to learn. And I've learned that you really can't tell what grade a student is in by looking at them. There are some huge 5th graders and tiny high school students and when they're not in their respective grade-level bands, I have no clue. But I am starting to know some of the students.
Tomorrow the plan is that I can lead 6th grade band through the beginning of their new method book for 10 or 15 minutes. No extreme planning necessary for that, but it will be my first time with a large group there so I hope it goes well.
Thanks for your prayers, thanks for your interest. I'm off to orchestra.

Today (Friday) I've added pictures of the band room and the office area (complete with anonymous students- I don't think it would be professional to simply post the picture of them).